Our webbing


All our webbing is suitable for dog collars, leads, webbing.

For very big dogs, we advise using polyester for strength.


Spun polyester
Manufactured from 100% polyester but cut into staples and spun in the same way as cotton. This process results in a look and feel identical to cotton but with durability and most of the properties of polyester.

Properties of our spun polyester webbing are:

  • – Soft to handle
  • – Highly durable
  • – High tensile strength
  • – High colour and light fastness

Textured polyester
Manufactured from 100% polyester and texurized in the filament formation to give a soft handle and body. It’s durable and easy to work with and sew, making it a perfect option for binding applications that will outlast cotton.

Properties of our texturized polyester webbing are:

  • – Easy to work with and sew
  • – Soft to handle
  • – Highly durable
  • – High tensile strength
  • – High colour and light fastness.

A light weight and quite strong webbing with many uses. It is waterproof, resistant to rot and floats. For most webbing requirements it is the most economical option.

Our polypropylene yarn is UV stabilized in the extruding process giving better light fastness than the standard webbing in the market.

Properties of polypropylene are:

  • – Light
  • – Waterproof
  • – Floats on water
  • – Resistant to rot
  • – Excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and mineral oils
  • – High tensile strength
  • – Cost effective
  • Polypropylene is not regarded as strong when exposed to the following:
  • – Aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • – Chlorinated solvents
  • – Ultraviolet radiation

Most popular natural fibre, we use 100% natural cotton making it ideal for clothing and various other uses.

Properties of cotton are:

  • – Soft
  • – Breathable
  • – Good absorbency
  • – Comfortable
  • – Strong and durable
  • – Very versatile
  • – Good colour retention
  • – Easy to work with and sew
  • – Easy to care for and wash



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